The programme

Sync accelerator will be driven in collaboration with private companies, sponsors to the programme, and encompass a 6 month programme that will include lectures, workshops and coaching within areas s­uch as:

  • agile scrum
  • git and versioning
  • Swedish for engineers
  • social and cultural orientation
  • how to get started as an entrepreneur
  • how to develop and pitch your business plan

Towards its final stages, the programme will embed participants among its sponsor companies as interns and validate participants’ skills and performances through certificates and prizes. Interested companies may recruit participants at any time during the programme.

Why Sync Accelerator is needed?

Today, Sweden stands before two major challenges that SA helps solve.
  • The challenge of integrating highly educated newly arrived refugees into the Swedish labour market and Swedish business life.

  • To help Swedish companies preserve and develop their competitive edge in the global digital economy by helping them gain access to badly needed ICT and programming competencies.

What’s unique about Sync Accelerator?


  • SA­ is focused solely on ICT engineers and programmers.
  • SA has already received approximately 500 qualified applications.
  • SA offers an incubator format which, while allowing companies to recruit star performers directly, will serve to build capacities and self-esteem within the target group to raise the chances of successful recruitment.
  • SA’s capacity development methodology and social orientation will depart from the individual’s needs, interests, and skills.
  • SA provides individual match-making to ensure company requirements are met.
  • SA is a solutions-oriented and coherent platform of private/public cooperation which allows for flexibility and pragmatism while respecting existing institutional and legal frameworks.